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Everton’s Lescott is playing like a ragman, what has happened to last season’s hero?

Football FanCast columnist Joe Jennings takes a look at a man out of form.

You wouldn't blame Evertonians if they explained
Joleon Lescott was going to hell in a hand basket – it would provide an
insight into the awful form the former Wolves man has faced so far this
For two years, Joleon Lescott was immaculate, a breath of
fresh air. He was the man who – at times – single handily kept the
Everton back four solid, a man to turn to in the face of adversity.

was a giant among men, a man mountain who epitomised everything that
has been good with Everton for a few years now. But best of all, he was
always down to Earth about his success, an unpretentious professional.

really would love to know what's happened. What has transpired that has
made Lescott look so dour since the season commenced? From a quick,
agile, powerful defender to a slow, nervy, calamitous centre half who
is completely lacking in confidence.

Has it all gone to his
head? Like so many before him, has the England factor played it's part?
Lescott has never been a player who can play poorly and get away with
it, his success has come through sheer hard work and dedication to the
cause. He is – by no means – a technically gifted magician, far from
it, but his passion, power and pace have always been enough.

Birmingham born Lescott is playing like a ragman. Falling over his
bootlaces, being allowed to be dragged out of position – and on too
many occasions – watching what is going on as opposed to making telling
challenges and tackles.

Where has the man who would surge down
the left flank and cause chaos in the opposition penalty area gone?
Where has the man who took no prisoners, showed pace in abundance and
let nobody, and I mean nobody, have a trouble free time?

is amiss. The reliability, solidity and wholehearted stability has
gone. This is not the Joleon Lescott we have come to know and love.
This is not a man who last season netted on an incredible ten occasions
and was easily, without doubt, our best player by a country mile.

would say this is just the inevitable drop in form after such a
prolonged period of excellence, others less naïve would say what it
truly is, worrying. Joleon Lescott needs a huge boot up the ass, he's
not untouchable and never will be. He needs to be brought back to
reality with a bang.

Form is temporary, class is permanent – hopefully.

Article title: Everton’s Lescott is playing like a ragman, what has happened to last season’s hero?

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