FA would block relegation rule changes

The FA has confirmed that it would block any potential rule changes in regards to relegation and promotion, as some Premier League clubs are keen to abolish demotion from the top flight.

Richard Bevan, who is boss of the League Managers Association, stated earlier in the week that some top flight sides were interested in scrapping the relegation format, which is becoming more of a possibility given the foreign ownership of an increasing number of teams.

With the financial model of other, mostly American based sports in mind, it is thought that Premier League teams would look to protect their investment by doing away with relegation to The Championship.

Currently 10 out of the 20 teams in the top tier are run by non-British owners, with a vote from 14 of the 20 clubs needed to enforce a rule change in the division.

Despite this, the FA has the power to veto any potential ruling, and has confirmed that it would do so in the case of any relegation related decision.

“The FA’s share can be used so it has to approve any major rule change,” an FA spokesman told The Sun.

“This covers changes to promotion and relegation.”

The news will be welcomed by all teams currently competing in the lower leagues, who are constantly buoyed on by the chance to qualify of participation in the Premier League.

By Gareth McKnight