Ferdinand defends Twitter comments

Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand has once more defended his comments on Twitter, stating that it is supposed to be fun.

The veteran centre-half caused a controversy by agreeing with a racist comment posted by a user about Ashley Cole, who testified against his brother Anton in John Terry’s court case.

However, Ferdinand has once more claimed his innocence and stated that he is subject to a lot of abuse that fuels him to excel on the pitch.

“Anyone who says they’re thinking of going on Twitter, I always say ‘You’ve got to have a thick skin’,” The Telegraph report Ferdinand as saying.

“You’ve got to be able to take abuse. If you can’t take abuse, then it’s not the place for you to be on there.

“You have Liverpool fans, Manchester City fans, obviously now Chelsea fans, who seem to follow me and come on there just to abuse me, but I’m not a—-.

“I’ve said it before, but that kind of stuff is like fuel. You use that stuff, so when you play their team, there’s a little bit more rivalry about the game.

“It’s fun and I treat it as fun. Some people take themselves too seriously on it and they’re the people who are going to get caned by every Tom, Dick and Harry,” he concluded.

By Gareth McKnight