Ferguson has doubts over a Scholes return

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has stated that he has serious doubts over whether Paul Scholes would consider a return to playing for England.

Potential new Three Lions boss Harry Redknapp stated that the Red Devils veteran should be included in the nation’s Euro 2012 squad after impressive performances this season, but Ferguson is not so sure.

“Do you really honestly believe that?” Ferguson asked reporters at a press conference, published in The Telegraph.

“I don’t think there’s any chance of that. To go back again to play for England, eight years after his last game, is a big, big step.

“I think Paul will be concentrating [on United], if he decides to go on. Whether he decides to stay is a part that hasn’t been settled yet, but with the form he has shown, there is no reason why he can’t play on next season. I just think it is too big a step to go back to England,” the Scottish coach admitted.

Scholes has been a critic of the England set-up in the past, and is famed for his achievements for club rather than country.

By Gareth McKnight