FIFA want proof of bribery

FIFA have asked the Caribbean Football Union to provide evidence of the alleged bribery that thwarted Mohamed Bin Hammam’s presidential bid.Sky News reported on Tuesday that a letter sent by FIFA ethics committee secretary Marc Cavaliero to the CFU’s 25 members demanded their attendance at a three-day tribunal in Miami.

Asian Football Confederation president Bin Hammam and CONCACAF president Jack Warner were alleged to have offered cash to CFU officials in return for their vote for Bin Hammam in the June 1 FIFA presidential election.

Bin Hammam was the only opponent to president Sepp Blatter and he withdrew from the election in the wake of the allegations, leaving Blatter to be elected for a fourth term unopposed on June 1.

Bin Hammam and Warner have since been suspended from all football activity, but both maintain their innocence.

Cavaliero’s letter contained a warning to the CFU members should they fail to attend the meeting.

“Although you are under no obligation to attend such a meeting, please be advised that the FIFA Ethics Committee may draw a negative inference in the event that you do not make the arrangements sought herein or do not attend the meeting requested,” the letter read.