Flamini out to stop former Arsenal midfielder

Arsenal midfielder Mathieu Flamini is aiming to stop old friend Cesc Fabregas securing all three points for Chelsea this weekend.

The pair meet in this weekend’s London derby for the first time since Fabregas moved to Stamford Bridge from Barcelona.

The duo have remained good friends since their Arsenal days, but Flamini has revealed he is out to stop the former Gunner.

He said: “Cesc is a very good friend of mine and we stay in touch all the time. We also have lives off the pitch. But it is strange for everyone to see him in a Chelsea shirt.

“When we were together at Arsenal we had a great partnership on the pitch. He was more offensive and I was more defensive working hard for him.

“I came here when I was 20 and he was couple of years younger – so it’s been 10 years now. In that time we’ve experienced a lot. 

We played in the Champions League final together and I’ve been fighting for him for many years.

“The difference on Sunday is that I will probably mark him and I will do my best to stop him, although that will not be easy because he is such a good player.

“He is someone I really appreciate on the pitch, not just because he is a good player but he is a top guy as well. It is a special game for me.”