Football News – Fonseca confirms Arsenal interest, Fergie and Kenny’s transfer battle, Harry Redknapp convinced Spurs to sign Parker

Liverpool’s plans to broker their own TV deal has brought a mixed response within the game. While Manchester United and Chelsea have distanced themselves from such a move, Dave Whelan has come out and condemned the Reds greed and believes they are looking to sow the seeds for a European Super League.

Elsewhere in the news today Phil Jagielka seeks self improvement; Gareth Barry warns Manchester City players, while Sir Alex Ferguson sticks up for Wayne Rooney.

Henry didn’t know about Liverpool

Redknapp convinced Tottenham to secure deal

Phil Jagielka seeks self-improvement

Arsenal fans should expect more from me

Manchester United confirm new five-year deal

Gareth Barry warns City players

Arsenal get injury boost

Sir Alex sticks up for Wayne Rooney

Fonseca confirms Arsenal’s interest amid £23m rumour

Fergie and Dalglish join the transfer battle for boy-wonder

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