Former Aston Villa boss holds no punches on his time at the club

In an interview with Sky Sports, Paul Lambert has spoken of his final days as the boss of Aston Villa.

Lambert, one of many managers to struggle at Villa Park, spoke highly of the club, calling it a ‘great club’ and saying that it, ‘always will be’.

However, the Blackburn manager also said he was ‘delighted’ at being sacked in the end. Aston Villa are currently rock bottom of the Premier League table and faced a drubbing from Liverpool in their last outing, it looks like Lambert jumped ship just in time.

Lambert also spoke of how he took a break from management after his horrific time at Villa and enjoyed the stress-free environment of ‘normal’ life. Lambert did not rest on his laurels, as he went and watched training at many top European clubs and met with Jurgen Klopp for nine days, whilst the German was Dortmund manager.

The former Villa boss also spent time working with Carlo Ancelotti.