Former England man admits ‘falling out of love’ with football

Midfielder David Bentley has admitted he has fallen out of love with ‘robotic’ football after announcing his retirement yesterday, as reported by London24.

The former Tottenham, Arsenal and Blackburn winger was once tipped to be the ‘next David Beckham’ due to his style and set-piece options – however that never materialised.

The 29-year-old claims the money and the social media aspect of the beautiful game has made it boring and he wants no part of it.

Bentley hasn’t played a professional game for over a year and the offer were not exactly rolling in – making the decision easy for him.

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“I’ve fallen out of love with the game,” Bentley said.

“The game has changed a lot – when I first started playing it was more about enjoying it, you went into work every day and it was brilliant.

“Now it’s a little bit robotic – with the social media side of it and the money that has come into the game – I hate to say it but it’s made it boring, it’s made it predictable and a bit too calculated.

“To sign on for another four or five years into that isn’t really an option for me.”