FSG concede that realities may force their hand

Liverpool owner John Henry has admitted that the Merseyside club may be forced to move away from Anfield and build a new home on Stanley Park.

The 61-year-old revealed the news on his Twitter account, but it is believed that the club’s parent company, Fenway Sports Group, are still tossing up the options before making a final decision.

“[Remaining at] Anfield would certainly be our first choice. But realities may dictate otherwise. So many obstacles…” the American commented.

Liverpool city council is thought to prefer relocation, whilst large sections of Anfield would need to be closed down if rebuilding work was to take place. The commercial reasons for a move may take precedence over sentimentality, but the Kop are sure to want to remain at their current home despite this not generating the matchday fees of rivals Manchester United, Chelsea and Manchester City.

With Uefa’s financial fair play policy to take effect in the near future, the club will be keen to make extra revenue, and it is believed that chief sponsor Standard Chartered would be involved in an potential ground move.