Hammers given Olympic hope

The possibility of West Ham United moving into the 2012 Olympic Stadium have improved after UK Athletics chairman Ed Warner said the possibility was "very credible."

Hammers owners David Sullivan and David Gold have made it clear that they want the Hammers to move from Upton Park to the new stadium when the London Olympics are over, even though the current plans are for the ground's capacity to be cut from 80,000 seats to 25,000, with athletics as its primary use.

However, Warner said: "West Ham have put their hat in the ring. It's a very credible proposal and one worth looking at. It would work as a football stadium."

West Ham have held talks with the local Newham Council over a joint bid to occupy the stadium, while potential bidders have until 17 May to register their interest in moving into the ground.

Warner added:"I'm very excited about what it will be as a venue and there are some very interesting proposals coming forward. West Ham have already put their hat in the ring. They haven't formerly submitted their letter yet, but they are clearly very interested and working hard.

"I've spent a lot of time with them I think that it is going to be a very credible proposal and certainly one we could work with.

"Those people who said football won't work in the Olympic Stadium haven't stood in the middle of the Olympics Stadium, which I've done a number of times.

"If you stand in there you realise for an 80,000 stadium it is actually very compact and you could certainly reduce the capacity without cutting the infrastructure of the stadium.

"I think it will feel great as a football stadium and I speak as a football fan as well the chairman of UK Athletics. I think you'd find West Ham would cover the track in the winter season so it wouldn't look like you had a track between you and the pitch.

"I think it works very well. You have to stand there and see it to believe it. I think West Ham have stood there, thought about it and really think it would work for them."

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