Harry Redknapp voices youth concerns


Tottenham Hotspur manager Harry Redknapp has voiced his concern that young players today are handed long-term contracts far too readily.

Redknapp would rather see youngsters forced to earn their deals the hard way, but accepts that the modern game sees the players wielding far more power than in previous times.

He told reporters:"I worry about it with kids now. We've ended up in a situation where you give young kids long contracts now, for fear of losing them.

"They come in here at 17, suddenly they get a four- or five-year contract. They've got their feet under the table, they can go and do what they want, they're getting plenty of money.

"Some of them, they'll work their socks off. But too many of them, they're in the comfort zone at too early an age.

"Now, we're scared that they will walk away and go somewhere else if we don't tie them up into long deals.

"Half the time, you give them long deals and they don't deserve long deals, because they're not good enough to have long deals. They've not done anything; they've not proved anything.

"Half of them probably never will prove anything, but we give them long contracts for the fear of losing them.

"When you're dealing with kids, I personally would take a chance on losing them. If they don't want to stay at your club, well okay, fine."

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