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Have Liverpool ever faced a more significant trip to West London?

‘Glasgow Reds' Lee Foley, looks ahead to Liverpool's top of the table
clash tomorrow lunchtime and wonders if it will be the day that Rafa's men show
the footballing world that they are ready to mount a title challenge.

Having been
on the Liverpool Football Cub Roller Coaster ride since the birth of the
Premiership in 1992, there have been a lot more low's than high's unfortunately;
however European success seems to visit us frequently.

Overcoming Chelsea in
the Champions League has given us both success and failure, some of the most
enjoyable nights of recent history, and now we find ourselves in a
position in which that particular tie means just as much as those
Semi-Final Champions League matches, this time competing for the one we
have nearly forgotten – The League Title.

Please don't take the
above comment and read 'the title will be
decided on Sunday'
. Far from it. Simply, this game will give Liverpool
Football Club the opportunity to turn around to the footballing world and say
"we are ready to mount a serious
". Is this our year? Only time will tell. But is this game as
important as those previous? Does the league mean as much as the Champions
League? Has a Stamford Bridge away game ever made us this nervous? I certainly
think so.

Okay, no Fernando
Torres, possibly no Robbie Keane. Xabi Alonso and Steven Gerrard both picked up
knocks on Wednesday night in Madrid. Reira looked a little tired. 4-4-2 or
4-5-1? If Kuyt plays upfront then who plays on the right? How do we combat
Chelsea's attack? Will this new found grit and resilience continue? All
questions that will be running through the mind of every Liverpool
fan on Sunday morning, least of Rafa Benitez's.

at 13.29, that moment of calm, reflection and rational thought
is replaced by sheer passion, as the eyes well up and the goosebumps come out
during yet another rendition of You'll Never Walk Alone from the three thousand
travelling Redmen, easily heard amongst the Chelsea faithful over 10 times
their number, with our scarves held high and hearts on our sleeves. Millions
more watching from home, friend's houses and pubs across the world willing
the team to make every pass count, every shot hit the target and every attack neutralised. Oh
to be a player on the pitch at that time.

Can Liverpool do what no
team has done in 84 matches? Can Liverpool be the first team to beat Chelsea on
home soil in 4 seasons? Can we claim the spot that truly belongs to us with
Manchester United nipping at our heels in terms of League Championships?

Occasions like this
players show that they can stand up and be counted. I believe in our Redmen,
and they believe in each other.

So I say 'Why not'? Let's
go down to the Bridge, show Chelsea, the Premiership, the media and the rest of
the world what Liverpool Football Club are made of. Make sure everyone
knows….. We Want Our Trophy Back.

Walk On.


Article title: Have Liverpool ever faced a more significant trip to West London?

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