HM Revenue and Customs to crackdown on tax evading footballers

HM Revenue and Customs has announced it is to come down on footballers suspected of tax evasion to ensure that they are not avoiding payments during the country’s economic plight. An ‘affluence team’ consisting of 100 members is being conceived by the government to scrutinise the tax affairs of the estimated 350,000 people whose personal wealth exceeds £2.5m, including many Premier League footballers.

Any footballer found skipping payments or working around the tax system could be handed additional tax bills. “HMRC are aware of a potential tax issue concerning the payment of agent fees and are taking steps to ensure the tax rules are respected,” the tax authority said in a statement. “When a third party pays a fee to an agent acting on behalf of an employee, the fee may count as part of the employee’s taxable earnings and so be liable to tax.”

Some 2,000 extra tax inspectors are being hired to make sure that Britain’s wealthiest are paying their full liabilities. “The government has made £917m available to HMRC to ensure that tax rules are adhered to across the board,” HMRC said.

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