Hodgson happy to work with Dalglish

Roy Hodgson does not foresee any problems with Kenny Dalglish after being confirmed as Liverpool's new manager.

Dalglish, who has an ambassadorial role at Anfield, had expressed his interest in succeeding Rafa Benitez in the Liverpool hot-seat but was overlooked as the Reds opted to appoint Hodgson.

However, the 62-year-old said after signing a three-year contract with the Merseysiders:"Kenny will play a very big part in bringing youth players through.

"If he is going to take on the role of head of football development, his role in making that bridge between Kirkby (where the academy is based) and Melwood (the first-team training ground) is going to be a vital one.

"I think he has lots of other roles to play. With his position at the football club I compare him to Giacinto Facchetti at Inter or Bobby Charlton at Manchester United – they have such a role to play.

"When this club needs representing, especially on a foreign stage, who better to represent it than Kenny Dalglish?

"I am hoping that between those two roles, ambassador and head of youth development, and the advice and help he is going to give me in my job, we will get great currency out of Kenny if he wants to be part of that and I hope he does.

"I had a long conversation with Kenny before I got the job and we need to sit down together now to work out how it will work in practice. With goodwill on his side – and there is plenty of goodwill on my side – we should find a solution.

"Kenny Dalglish should be at Liverpool until he decides he no longer wants to be a part of football.

"I can't have any comment on the people who wanted to be candidates, it was up to the board to decide who they wanted and the chairman distinctly answered that question by saying they did not want Kenny to be a candidate for the job, but they do want him to be a part of the club today and in the future.

"They want him to use all of his skills to be part of the club long-haul to make sure we bring some players through."

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