Houghton quits as India coach

Bob Houghton has resigned as India coach after allegations of racism were dropped by the country’s football federation.The Englishman, 63, was the subject of an investigation by the All India Football Federation (AIFF) following claims that he made a racist remark to a match official during a friendly against Yemen last October.

Houghton, who coached Swedish club Malmo to the 1979 European Cup final, described the allegations as ‘nonsensical’.

“The AIFF feels that in the absence of any definitive and concrete evidence the allegations against Mr Houghton cannot be sustained and therefore the AIFF agrees to withdraw all charges and allegations made against him,” the statement said.

“However, Mr. Houghton, for his personal reasons, does not wish to continue working in India and in his position as the head coach of the Indian football team.”

Houghton, who took over India in 2006, was contracted until 2013 after agreeing a new deal last year.

His tenure was marked by public disagreements with AIFF officials over the state of football infrastructure in the country and he had been tipped to walk away on several occasions.

Some sources have suggested that the federation agreed to drop the charges in exchange for Houghton’s resignation, with the arrangement reportedly suiting both parties.