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How Football Clubs Help Responsible Gambling?

In recent days, football clubs of the UK have taken a step forward towards promoting responsible gambling. This is to spread the message of safe gambling since football has its widespread reach. This is not just for the protection of the UK punters but also the potential gamblers.

Apparently, members of these football clubs are also potential victims of the corruption related to the gambling business and hence this awareness is also directed towards their safeguard. UK football clubs are uniting to stand against gambling addiction.

About GamStop

As an independent self-exclusion scheme GamStop comes as a rescuer for the punters facing a problematic relationship with gambling. It successfully curbs the access to the sites meant for gambling from all the devices accessible to the punter who is registered under this self-exclusion scheme. It is admitted that the main flaw of this self-exclusion tool is that punters are still using CasinoGap to find non-GamStop sports sites and continue gambling. They can choose the period of exclusion depending upon the level of problem that is being faced by them and moreover the services provided by GamStop are absolutely free to the citizens of the UK.

The scheme supports people to limit their gambling activities. The United Kingdom Gambling Commission made it absolutely indispensable for some organizations including these football clubs to be in partnership with GamStop to support responsible gambling online.

Luton Town Football Club in Support of GamStop

As soon as the new regulations of GamStop were made public, Luton Town Football Club went ahead and made a collaboration with GamStop to signify them standing in solidarity with affected punters and their families. This collaboration reminds people of the club’s encouragement towards gambling in moderation.

This step is successful in evoking a sense of awareness in public regarding the situations people face regarding gambling overindulgence. According to the conditions Luton Town Football Club will feature the links of promotion of GamStop all across their platforms including websites and social media platforms. The promotions will also be on selected match days.

Middlesbrough Football Club in support of GamStop

Following the route of Luton Town, Middlesbrough Football Club signed an agreement to be in partnership with GamStop. The motivations were quite similar, that is to promote safe gambling practices. GamStop has been profiting from these measures taken by major football clubs for all the publicity made during match days.

This helps to build a greater knowledge in people about GamStop and the measures one can take in order to overcome gambling addiction. The step not only signifies solidarity with the issue but also the practices by these football clubs guard the tendency of gambling overindulgence of its members. This integration hoped for a better more conscious approach towards gambling by the UK punters.

Safer Gambling Supporters

The Safer Gambling Week covers all sides of the gambling industry and has the support of a hefty amount of organizations belonging to the gambling sector of the world online and offline for both commercial and non-commercial profit purposes. Safer Gambling Week takes place annually and targets attracting eyes on responsible gambling.

The collective goal of this event is to promote gambling as a fun activity for leisure and to hinder the same from being a source of loss to the citizens of the UK. Organizations like Facebook have partnered up with them for Gambling Week to show their support which is much profitable towards the cause.

West Ham United in support of Safer Gambling Week

West Ham United in partnership with Betway initiated a display of awareness evoking conversation at the Safer Gambling Week 2020. Safer Gambling Week not only aims towards the promotion of safe gambling but also supports the punters who were at risk. The games and websites of the football club preached this message of safer practising of gambling.

Swansea City in support of Safer Gambling Week

Swansea City supported by bet UK Preaches the idea of safe practices of gambling to avoid being affected by it and the Safer Gambolling Week. The players wore t-shirts with the logo specially created for the specific matches which are directed towards protecting the loyal supporters. These collaborations are immensely profitable.


Sponsorships provided by gambling protection organizations aid the football clubs by helping them raise resources for spending on various ventures and retain renowned players. In return, these companies get the exposure that they require to reach people and preach their agenda.

Article title: How Football Clubs Help Responsible Gambling?

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