Hughes and QPR players abused by fans

Mark Hughes and QPR players were abused by angry fans at Euston railway station after the relegation-threatened side were beaten 2-1 by Bolton on Saturday.

A group of supporters verbally insulted Hughes, before one squared up to Clint Hill and Jamie Mackie.

An onlooker described what happened, as pressure on the Loftus Road club increases.

“It was horrible to witness,” the fan told West London Sport.

“I’d say it was three to five people who were really having a go at them and one guy in particular who was squaring up to Jamie Mackie and Clint Hill and clearly looking for a fight.

“None of the players reacted as far as I could see. I saw Djibril Cisse trying to calm people down and then someone leading the players away.

“They made their way to a coach that was waiting for them and a much bigger group of fans gathered around the coach to basically applaud the team and show their support,” the fan concluded.

By Gareth McKnight