Ian Holloway hits out at Danny Murphy


Blackpool manager Ian Holloway believes that Fulham midfielder Danny Murphy was wrong to accuse fellow Premier League teams of an over-physical approach to the game.

Murphy named Stoke City, Blackburn Rovers and Wolves as possible offenders and Holloway thinks that that was the wrong course of action.

He told The Independent on Sunday:"Danny Murphy owes a few apologies. I was shocked to read his comments about Blackburn, Stoke and Wolves being too physical and playing the game the wrong way.

"He said those teams are over-zealous in their tackling and have a win-at-all-costs attitude which should be looked at.

"Danny, you are totally wrong and a bit out of order. Teams play in different ways, that is football.

"I think you have to be really careful when you are someone like Danny Murphy, who is still playing and who has never been a manager, to talk about what managers do.

"If I was one of the managers he was talking about, I wouldn't be very happy."

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