Ivan Gazidis says Arsenal are in an envious position

Arsene Wenger’s job as Arsenal manager is secure according to Gunners’ chief executive, Ivan Gazidis. Despite the club’s worst start to a season for almost 60 years, Gazidis believes that the Emirates outfit are in a position that most clubs are still dreaming of being in and that the Frenchman at the helm remains the focal point going forward.

“My view is that Arsenal represents the future of the game, I certainly hope it does,” he said. “Arsenal is in a space that other clubs are trying to migrate towards. So the number of clubs around the world that look at Arsenal as a role model for what they want to become is dramatic. And this is where clubs are trying to get to: into a space where they are self-sustainable, where they can look to the future with confidence, relying on their own resources and standing on their own two feet.”

Even though the Gunners sit nervously just above the relegation zone in the Premiership and had to come from behind against League Two side, Shrewsbury, in the Carling Cup third round last night, Gazidis believes that: “Most football clubs would absolutely die to be in our position. Almost every club would.” And on the point of Wenger? “There’s absolutely no issue about Arsène leaving the club, or the club pushing him out.”

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