Joey Barton thinks QPR fans disliked him

QPR bad boy Joey Barton believes that the club’s fans “didn’t particularly like” him.

Barton was sent on loan to French club Marseille from QPR in August after boss Mark Hughes made it clear that he was not wanted at the club when the controversial player was banned for 12 games for confrontations with Manchester City players Vincent Kompany, Sergio Aguero and Carlos Tevez during the last match of the 2011/2012 season.

Barton claims that he feels he only went to QPR for the money. He said to the Sunday Times: “I walked into QPR and straightaway thought ‘this isn’t right’. I’d left a club I loved, Newcastle, and I knew I’d come for money and think I was always uneasy from that moment on.”

He also believes that QPR did not do enough to stand up for him. He said: “The analogy is, I pulled the baseball bat out through my own stupidity. The FA took it and beat me. I thought QPR would, rightly, chastise me but they picked the bat off the ground and continued the beating. I was no longer the marquee signing. I was a commodity whose stock had dwindled.”

He also admitted that his drink problem had returned before the incident in the match against Manchester City.

Barton secured the loan move to Marseille after it became clear that relations between him and QPR had reached a low point, when he was ordered to train with players from the academy, Mark Hughes insisted he did not want him, and Barton refused to go out on loan to Sheffield Wednesday.

He also attacked the club’s spending priorities saying: “On my first captain’s list was ‘six plugs’ because the players – at a Premier League club – were plugging up the baths with tissue paper. Tinpot stuff. They were paying people massive money but not spending on the basics.”

However, he seems to feel accepted at Marseille. He said: “My slate’s never going to be clean but I think I’ve found a football club who love me for being a bit of a rogue.”