Kean still has owners’ backing

Blackburn boss Steve Kean has stated that he has spoken with the club’s owners, and they have not given him an ultimatum to win against Bolton on Tuesday.

A 2-1 defeat against West Brom at the weekend infuriated Rovers fans, with increased calls for the Scottish coach to be sacked.
Despite the Lancashire club languishing in the relegation zone, Kean has said that Venkys understand the side’s current situation.

“I spoke with the owners for about 45 minutes on Sunday,” Kean told Sky Sports News.

“We had a real good conversation, mentioning again the health of some of the players because we have got a few that are falling at the moment.

“We will look forward to the transfer window opening and see if we can get a few bodies in that can hit the ground running straight away and make an impact,” he stated.

Kean also denied that he had been given an ultimatum to win the game against Bolton, and had a message for the Ewood Park fans.

“Stick with us. With a game that is as important as this, stick with us,” he continued.

“When we scored (against West Brom on Saturday), I felt the momentum swung in that game and they were with us then.

“Obviously when you get a late goal against you it’s disappointing, we were all disappointed. But if they could stick with us for this game, I think it could make a massive difference.

“I’m not trying to pretend that I don’t understand the magnitude of this game. I’m not enjoying where we are in the table.

“But when I look at the players and I get out on the training ground and they are giving a response, they are certainly behind what we are trying to do. That gives you a massive boost,” he concluded.

By Gareth McKnight