Kean’s future in the balance

Blackburn Rovers owners the Venky’s group have admitted that there will be discussions this week over the best way forward for the club, with manager Steve Kean under threat of losing his job.

The Scottish coach is under-fire after a poor start to the season at Ewood Park, and a section of the club’s fans have been petitioning for him to be removed from his position.

Despite this, Venkatesh Rao, who shares ownership of the Lancashire outfit with his brother Balaji Rao and sister Anuradha Desai, has spoken of the plan to get Rovers out of danger.

“I have spoken with Steve and we are working on our weak points. We are going to sit down over the next week and have a very big discussion over this,” he told Sky Sports.

“And I am sure we are going into the depth of it. Believe me, myself, my sister, my brother, all of us, are going to sit and have a long chat and come out with some plan of action.”

When quizzed whether it was right that the fans could have an influence over Kean’s future, Rao urged the supporters to let their feelings be known.

“Absolutely, because we also know where we stand.

“If the fans are happy, we are happy. As I have been telling, it is like a family and we should know what the fans totally feel about it.

“Especially, we like to have their voice. Also, it is very important for the club and the feel of the club.

“And also I think it is an open interaction, so we know exactly where we are going wrong, where we are doing good and where we can improve ourselves,” he concluded.

Blackburn were beaten 4-0 by Manchester City in their last game, and face a trip to London to take on QPR after the international break.

By Gareth McKnight