Leeds chief facing charge from Football League that could threaten his future

Leeds United owner Massimo Cellino is set to be charged by the Football League with misconduct, in a move that could end his troubled stay at Elland Road, according to the Daily Mail. 

And with Cellino bankrolling the club with £40million, there is a danger Leeds could go out of business altogether if the Italian is forced out.

The League’s board have run out of patience with Cellino, who is still to provide them with written reasons as to why he was ound guilty by a Sardinian court of evading import tax duty on his yacht.

The view of the Football League is that Cellino is withholding the report, with it being in his possession for the past two months.

The next step will be to charge Leeds with misconduct if it is not received shortly, with concerns as to whether Cellino is hiding something that would have seen him act with ‘elusive intent’, and thus fail the League’s owner and director’s test.

It is understood that Cellino’s Italian legal representative Prof Giovanni Cocco has possession of the document.

But Cocco has no intention of handing it over to the Football League, who he believes influenced the judgement, and has further complicated matters by lodging an appeal against the reports findings.