Liverpool deserve better than their points suggest

Former Liverpool boss, Gerard Houllier, believes his former side are making great progress this season and that Kenny is laying down a strong foundation for which they can build from. Houllier believes they can get a top four finish this season, if they can start to put their chances away.

“Kenny is doing a good job. He is trying to change the team, and this is a transitional season. I don’t mean they won’t reach the top four – they could do that. When Steven Gerrard comes back they will be even better, they will get their leader and an exceptional player back. They are making good progress. They have been a bit unlucky at times. Decisions have gone against them, and there have been games they have dominated but didn’t score. At the moment they could do with five or six more points.”

When pressed on Liverpool’s title chances, Houllier believes it is a little too soon;

“ Not this season, but they have made the right choices regarding players, so as they gel, next season should be better. It’s a bit like Manchester City, who are far better this season than last.  You have to remember this is Andy Carroll’s first full season with Liverpool, but I think the next three months will be crucial for him.”

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