Liverpool issue apology

Liverpool have released a statement apologising to Oldham defender Tom Adeyemi, after he was racially abused by an Anfield fan in Friday night’s FA Cup tie.

The 20-year-old was visibly upset by a supposedly racial slur from one of the Merseyside fans, who was later arrested by police.

The incident follows Luis Suarez’s eight-match ban for racially abusing Patrice Evra, and Kenny Dalglish’s men have issued an apology Adeyemi.

“Whatever the outcome of what is now a police investigation, all of us are deeply sorry for what happened on Friday night and our players and our club pass on our sincere regrets to Tom Adeyemi for the upset and distress he suffered as a result of the matter at hand,” the statement reads.

“Our supporters are renowned throughout the world for their outstanding commitment, passion and fairness.

“They are drawn from nationalities across the globe with widely diverse backgrounds and heritages.

“The actions of any one individual do not represent our fans. Their stance on these issues is just as resolute as the club’s.

“We have a very clearly stated public stance on discrimination and intolerance with dedicated staff that work hard daily on programs in this important area.

“Regarding the incident that occurred on Friday evening, we have given Merseyside police every possible assistance we can and will continue to provide the necessary support to their investigation in order to ensure this particular incident is dealt with properly.

“We will continue to take the strongest possible action against unacceptable behaviour during our matches,” it concluded.

Meanwhile, local police have confirmed that the supporter accused of the insult has been bailed after questioning.

By Gareth McKnight