Liverpool legend brands Arsenal a joke after 3-2 defeat

Liverpool legend Graeme Souness has slammed Arsenal’s display in their 3-2 loss to Manchester United on Sunday, branding them a joke, according to reports from the Daily Mail.

With Leicester City winning their crunch match against Norwich City on Saturday, the Gunners knew that they needed a victory to keep up with the leading Foxes against the Red Devils.

However, by the 32nd minute, Arsene Wenger’s men found themselves two goals down following a brace from up and coming youngster Marcus Rashford.

Former United attacker Welbeck pulled one back for Arsenal before the break, but Ander Herrera extended the lead to make Mesut Ozil’s 69th minute goal too little too late.

And Sounness was extremely critical of the Gunners, claiming the team don’t have the mettle to dig in and win the title.

“Arsenal bordered on being a joke,” he said. “Arsene Wenger must be tearing his hair out. There’s a word I want to use but I can’t which describes a lack of something that real players have and this Arsenal lack it in abundance — just don’t have it, none.

“Big players make other players play. The big personalities, the big players drag the lesser likes with them when things are going badly.

“Who does that today for Arsenal? Where’s the Tony Adams? Where’s the Thierry Henry, having a moan-up at half-time when it’s not going well?

“I can imagine that dressing room would have been silent at half-time. I’ve been in dressing rooms where there are real people digging other people out.

“I couldn’t imagine that from this group of Arsenal players and I think they play like that. It worries me that Arsene continually talks about his team being mentally tough. It’s like they lack it and he’s trying to persuade them that they really have it. And I think here you learned a great deal about Arsenal.

“I thought they would come here with an opportunity to put a marker on the wall and say, “We’re back in this race”. And they’ve been so insipid, so weak and pussyfooted.

“All they’ve done is said to the opposition that this team can be rolled over. It was more tippy-tippy football by Arsenal, going nowhere.

“I’ll stand on my head if they prove me wrong and go and win this league because that was totally unacceptable.”

The result now sees Arsenal five points off the top, with their next game against Swansea almost a must-win fixture for the North London club.