Liverpool legend slams Sterling over ‘disgraceful’ comments

Former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher has stated that Raheem Sterling’s recent comments over a new Reds deal were disgraceful

The England international looked to clear the air over recent speculation in a BBC interview, but ended up worsening the situation for himself with questionable comments.

Sterling stated that he was flattered by Arsenal’s reported interest in him and admitted that he had turned down a new bumper payday at Anfield.

Carragher, who spent his entire playing career with the Merseyside club, has stated that Sterling made a major mistake by going to the press.

“They [Sterling and his advisers] couldn’t have got that more wrong,” Carragher wrote in his Daily Mail column.

“Jordan Henderson, don’t forget, is in a similar contractual position, but the differences between their situations is enormous. Jordan has played as well, if not better, than at any time in his career this season.

“He will be out of contract in 12 months’ time but, as negotiations continue, you are not hearing anyone calling him a money-grabber. Why? Because he and his agent aren’t using the media to engineer a move or put pressure on Liverpool to improve his contract.

“This, more than anything, is my biggest problem with Sterling and his agent. For a 20-year-old and his agent to be taking on Liverpool FC in the public domain is a disgrace.

“I have no issue about players maximising their earning potential, but the agenda that is being driven from Sterling’s camp is beyond a joke.

“The only way any good could have come from the BBC interview was if Sterling had said he was going to sign a new deal.

“Anything else, as he has discovered, was always going to create a massive problem. They cancelled talks with the club, but not with the media. If you don’t want people talking about an issue, don’t talk about it yourself.”

Sterling is set to face Arsenal for Liverpool in a key Premier League clash this afternoon at the Emirates Stadium.

With the Reds suffering from injury concerns, the young attacker is set to star in North London.

It remains to be seen what reception the 20-year-old will receive, with his future at Anfield looking even less secure following this week’s interview.