Liverpool stadium plans need more time

Liverpool’s managing director Ian Ayre has revealed that the Merseyside club need more time in deciding their future plans for Anfield.

The Reds are exploring all options, including increasing the capacity of Anfield and moving to another stadium, but Ayre will not be rushed on the issue.

“We still don’t know if we are staying or if we are going,” he told Sky Sports.

“We have said for some time that we are trying to plough two parallel courses and in terms of a new stadium, a new stadium costs a lot of money.

“I think what is lost on some people is that if you move from a 46,000 seater Anfield, to a 60,000 plus stadium, you don’t get [the money from] 60,000 seats – you get the difference between them.

“That’s the new money that has to pay for a new stadium, because you are already generating revenue from Anfield, so it doesn’t count.

“So it’s trying to find the right economic model and while that sounds quite boring to all our fans it’s very important.

“We are moving it along, it’s a sales process – we are selling the naming rights to the stadium.

“What you don’t want to do is create a situation where you are trying to move that quickly that you lose on the price.

“Then on Anfield there are similar time issues, for those of you that have ever been to Anfield, it’s in the middle of a lot of housing, so extending and growing isn’t as simple as just knocking people’s houses down as an example.

“We have to consult with people and look at our options, again that just takes time but our fans can take some comfort in the fact that it’s not lost on us that we need that uplift in revenue, in seats, in more fans being at the game, just as they do.

“We are going to dawdle on it but we are going to make the right decision and as I said at the outset it’s about making the right decision for Liverpool Football Club, its fans and its future,” the executive concluded.

By Gareth McKnight