Liverpool star comes under fire from family

Liverpool striker Luis Suarez has come under fire after his gran publicly attacked him this week, as reported by the Metro.

Suarez has reportedly sat back and watched his grandmother be chucked out of her house and moved into an old people’s home.

Suarez, who earns more than £100-per-weeek, has been blamed for not stepping in with his mother taking all of his gran’s possessions and chucking them out.

65-year-old Maria Josefa Reyes believes Saurez and his brother should have stepped in and prevented the family disaster.

‘Luis must know what’s going on but he hasn’t called me,’ she said.

‘He and his brother Paulo just do whatever their mum tells them. She fills their heads up with rubbish.’

‘I went back to Solymar a few days ago. When I arrived my daughter asked me, “what are you doing here?” I went to my room and there was nothing in it apart from a fridge,’ she told reporters in Uruguay.

‘She told me, “You’re going to have to go now” and then put me on a bus back to Salto.’