Luis Suarez demands Evra apology

Liverpool striker Luis Suarez has demanded an apology from Manchester United defender Patrice Evra, as the race feud between the two players continues.

The Uruguay international was accused of making racist remarks to the veteran full back in the 1-1 draw between the Premier League heavyweights last month.

The FA have pledged to investigate the claims but as yet there has been no fallout from the governing body, and Suarez wants an apology.

“The FA will have to clear it up with him, because there is no proof at all that I have said anything racist. I didn’t say anything like that to him,” Suarez told Mirror Football.

“There were two parts of the discussion, one in English, one in Spanish. I did not insult him, it was just a way of expressing myself. I called him something his team-mates in Manchester call him and even they were surprised by his reaction.

“There are things that happen in football, all in the moment, that leaves one feeling bad. Now we have to wait to see this issue decided and then the Manchester player and I will have to clear things up. Depending on who ends up in the wrong, one of us will have to apologise,” he stated.

Meanwhile, Suarez has won the Liverpool player of the month award for October, making it three months in a row that the South American has been awarded the accolade.

“It’s a bit of a surprise because to win it three months running makes me almost feel a bit embarrassed.

“But as long as people realise I’m just doing my job and I’m working hard for the team, then that’s great,” he finished.

By Gareth McKnight

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