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Man United and Arsenal hold the key as I ‘invest in a better future’

Mug Punter
is ruing his decision not to back Aston Villa last Saturday, but
hopes a win double this weekend will address the balance.

to win a better future'

Why didn't I do it? Why didn't I back Villa at 7/1 to beat Arsenal? A gut instinct bet, that as all evidence
should suggest to me by now is the only possible way I'm gonna make a few quid
out of this gambling lark. As you may have read last week I threw it out there,
but then just as quickly discarded the notion like a fat man with free gym
membership. Instead I proceeded to tip up a god awful Lucky 15 that did nothing
more than takes up 15 times the original stake…genius. For that I can only
apologise. Though fear not, as this weekend I have an absolute diamond for you.

many will be thinking along the same tracks as me anyway, but unfortunately as
my experience has shown me over the years these are the type of bets that
rarely ever come in, and in my mind littered with ridiculous conspiracy theories
I like to think that's it's due to the fact that every man and his dog is on
the same bet and the gambling god's are just downright unwilling to do the
right thing a let us all collect a few quid for once. The bet this weekend for
me is an away double with…yeah that's right you guessed it…Arsenal away to
Man City, and Man Utd away to Aston Villa.

Before anyone says anything I know there are countless reasons to think this
not a safe bet. I mean both Villa and City are going to be hard to beat on home
soil, both teams I personally think very capable of holding their own with any
other team in the league on their day. Both playing at home, to an Arsenal team
suffering an injury list that has no doubt got Wenger weeping when he gets a
chance between voicing comments about negative football and un-necessary
international friendlies, and a Man Utd team that only a couple of weeks ago
got turned over by said injury ravaged team playing away against an outfit that
went to the Emirates last Saturday and took 3 points home with them. So there
is plausible reason for concern for this double to come up, but I'm just driven
by the prices here.

We all know what Arsenal and Man Utd can do on their day, with both teams
trading at around the even money mark apiece the double can be got at around 3/1 and more. You may say ''that's not
a big price''. Generally I would whole heartedly agree with you, what sort of
moron tipster marks up a 3/1 shot,
double no less, on 2 teams that are playing away to reasonable opposition. I
do. I do because rare is it I see these 2 teams at this price against a team
that isn't Chelsea, or Liverpool, or some European team who are realistic
Champions League contenders. Rarer still is it that these bet's cop, and I have
a nice Sunday larging it in the bookies, fanning myself with a cluster of £50
notes, mopping my anxious brow and blowing my nose with paper containing
financial value to the tune of a score.

But this week it's going to happen. I'm going into the bookies, emptying my pockets
onto the counter, and walking out confident that I'll be back that evening to
collect….to collect a European football fixture list coupon. I mean there's
got to be some match going on in Spain that night to help me dig myself out of
my now dark, damp, disintegrating hole.

Arsenal to beat Man City away @ 6/5
Man Utd to beat Aston Villa away @ 5/6

(better prices can be had on the exchanges)

Article title: Man United and Arsenal hold the key as I ‘invest in a better future’

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