Managing England is some responsibility but fantastic experience

England kicked off their Euro 2012 campaign with a 1-1 draw at the Donbass Arena, in what is Roy Hodgson’s first competitive game in charge of the Three Lions. No one knows that feeling of managing your country or the pressure Hodgson will be feeling, more than Glenn Hoddle and the former England manager suggests there was nothing quite like having the expectation of the nation resting on your shoulders:

“Grossly different, when you’re a player you’re only looking after yourself, your main objective is to keep yourself fit, be focused and hopefully get the call to be in the first eleven and play and stay in there and hopefully win the game. Of course you have a group responsibility on the pitch but when you’re manager you have your players, your staff, and the whole responsibility. And going to a World Cup in 1998 you felt for about 6 or 7 weeks, as if you were Prime Minister with the hopes and preys of the country resting you your shoulders.”

“That was a huge honour but it was massive pressure as well. You had to think outside the box, all the time you were thinking of everybody else, you had to be focused enough in your own room to cut everything away, to delegate jobs to do but you knew that the buck stopped with you. You have to make all the decision, whether it’s what time you leave to go the stadium, when you’re going to eat, where you’re going to eat, the training schedules, the whole lot. But I thoroughly enjoy it though and it was fantastic.”

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