Manchester City spending defended

Manchester City midfielder Nigel de Jong has defended his club’s massive spending over the last couple of seasons, and feels the revolution at the Etihad Stadium is increasing the quality in the English game.

Since the takeover of the club by Sheik Mansour, Roberto Mancini’s side have spent hundreds of millions of pounds on new players, paying extortionate wages to bring them to the club.

That investment is starting to bear fruit, as the blue side of Manchester sit top of the Premier League after ten games, five points clear of cross-town rivals United.

Despite some arguments that the club are ruining the ethos of the game, the Netherlands international feels City’s improvement is a good thing.

“You just have to look at Liverpool and Arsenal. They have lost what I call their subscriptions to a place in the top four. They now have severe competition from other clubs,” De Jong told the Sunday Mirror.

“First, it came from Chelsea. Now we are a competitor too. Arsenal and Liverpool are forced to consider making new signings to strengthen their teams.

“They can’t survive in the top four with a modest transfer policy or just a couple of ordinary signings.

“There are six or seven teams who can fight for the four top places in the Premier League now,” he continued.

City have delighted with their attacking brand of football this season, and the midfield battler feels the supporters are witnessing a higher calibre of play.

“If City had not started this development project at Eastlands, the European transfer market would be dead now. We are creating a bigger gap between the bigger and smaller clubs in the league.

“But the big advantage is that the public get to see an incredibly high level of football each week,” he concluded.

City travel to Spain to take on Villarreal in Group A of the Champions League on Tuesday, and will look to get their European campaign back on track with three points.

By Gareth McKnight