Manchester City star confident of title glory

Manchester City midfielder Fernandinho is confident that City can keep the title in their hands with a win over Everton this weekend, as reported by Sky Sports.

City’s victory over Crystal Palace last Sunday, combined with Chelsea’s win at Anfield, means that Manuel Pellegrini’s team will win the league if they win the remainder of their games.

City face Everton this weekend and then have their game in hand against Aston Villa on Tuesday that could take them back to the summit of the table.

Fernandinho has admitted that he feared the worst after City slipped up against Sunderland last month but now believes City will go on and win the title.

“We are back with a big chance of being champions again,” said Fernandinho.

“We are not depending on other teams. It only depends on us, and that has changed a lot.

“It gives you energy as mentality is 70 per cent of your body, and a result like that changes everything – your mind, your motivation, everything. When your head is good, your body is good as well.

“At that time of the Sunderland game, the most important thing was to win it not draw, but if you look at it now, maybe that point against them could make all the difference in future.”

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