Manchester City turned down Welbeck

Manchester United striker Danny Welbeck has revealed that Manchester City decided against signing him as a youngster.

The England international is a product of United’s Carrington youth system, but has confessed that things could have been different.

“City custard-pied me as a kid,” he told The Daily Mail.

“My Dad didn’t tell me at the time, it was just before Christmas and he didn’t want to break any bad news. It wouldn’t have mattered, though. I am one of those people that if you are going to say something, just say it. I take it on the chin.

“Straight after Christmas, I played in a tournament for my local side, Fletcher Moss, and that’s where United picked me up. I went for a trial and have never looked back since. I was always a Red anyway.

“People around me would never let me get too big-headed. At the end of the day, you’re just another human being.

“I’m lucky to be doing something I love. I don’t think you could get too big-headed at Man United because it is a family-orientated club. There are players around who have so much experience in the game that they always keep you on track,” he stated.

Welbeck went on to reveal that he is relishing being involved in a title chase with the champions.

“Every single game is getting more important. It’s exciting to be involved in because I’ve not been through this before, a title race like this. I’m just looking forward to every game.

“It’s definitely lived up to my expectations. I went to Sunderland as a stepping stone in my career, to become recognised in the Premier League before coming back to Man United a bigger and better person.

“I knew I could make a big statement for myself this season,” he concluded.

By Gareth McKnight

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