Manchester United fans frustrated at Moyes sacking

Manchester United’s manner and handling of David Moyes’ sacking is being ridiculed by fans as the once prestigious club is left wounded over their professionalism, Daily Star reports.

The Manchester United Supporters Trust (MUST) has come out to voice their concerns over the way news broke out all over the web on Moyes imminent sacking before any official statement was released, bringing up criticism towards the club with their lack of dignity and class in regards to the matter.

“It’s a PR shambles,” said MUST vice-chair Sean Bones.

“Manchester United’s history shows they deal with things with class and dignity but that has not been the case here.

“The story leaked before David Moyes has been spoken to, and that’s not the Manchester United way.

“There was no dignity or class in the way they went about it.”

After United’s 2-0 lost to Everton on Sunday, many became convinced Moyes lacked enough experience to manage the players with news breaking out almost 24 hours before the club released their official statement of the actual sacking.

“The appointment of David Moyes was seen by a lot of supporters as a risk,” he said.

“Moyes wasn’t proven at the very highest level, and Manchester United should be attracting the best and most proven managers in the world.”