Manchester United legend snaps at quip from England gaffer

Valencia boss, Gary Neville, has shown the stress is getting to him as he has snapped at comments from Roy Hodgson, the Mail reports.

Neville was not too pleased to hear Hodgson refer to the international fixtures as a ‘nice little break’ for the former Manchester United man, as he continues to struggle in his debut management role in Spain.

The Valencia manager was adamant that he won’t be treating the England fixtures as a ‘break’ and he will be back at the Spanish club for when the majority of the club’s players return. Neville also stated that there will still be three coaches around for the eight players that are left at the club and reminded everyone that the arrangement was made when he took the job.

Considering they will have to work together over the international break, it could be interesting to see how their relationship works after this brief spat.