Maradona takes aim at FIFA

Diego Maradona has blasted world football’s governing body FIFA, saying it is run by people who do not understand the game.The Argentine legend – now manager of Dubai club Al-Wasl – slammed the unopposed re-election of president Sepp Blatter, stating he wanted no part in the organisation.

“They have invited me to be part of the FIFA family. And I ask, ‘What family?’,” Maradona said.

“This is not a family if no one plays soccer. No one is asking what can be done to improve soccer. There are motorcyclists, swimmers, race car drivers, but there is not one soccer player that can give advice. (There is) so much power and so much stupidity in FIFA. Every day, it’s a different scandal. And this, the soccer players don’t deserve this.”

Maradona, 50, was revealed as United Arab Emirates Football League outfit Al-Wasl manager in May, but was officially unveiled in Dubai on Saturday.

He had been out of football since Argentina’s quarter-final exit in at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

Press speculation in the Middle East has put the value of his two-year contract at close to US$10 million.

With one more game of the 2010/11 season remaining, Al-Wasl sit fifth in the league and are on the verge of qualifying for next season’s AFC Champions League.

Maradona takes over in September ahead of the 2011/12 season, replacing Costa Rican Alexandre Guimaraes.