Mario Balotelli on the straight and narrow

Controversial Manchester City attacker Mario Balotelli has stated that he has put his wild antics behind him, and he is now focussed on playing well for his team.

The Italy international has shown indiscipline and petulance since his move to the Premier League, but has been in good form of late, without any controversy following him on or off the pitch.

The striker feels that he has matured, and has told City fans that his crazy days are over.

“This is down to me, because it’s me that has changed my life,” Balotelli told Mirror Football.

“Well, I didn’t change my life, but things like, I don’t live in town anymore. I’m outside now [in the country] so it’s more quiet. I try to stay at home more. Maybe I’ll stay in now with my family, my brother or my girlfriend.

“They weren’t here last year, they came sometimes but they were not based here. That’s definitely helped.

“It’s quieter now but also I am growing up. If, last year, I missed home so much, maybe now I miss it a little bit less. I’m OK now, I’m good. I’m happy – the only problem is the weather. Everything is getting better,” he concluded.

Balotelli has scored four goals in his last four games, and will look to continue this record in the Manchester derby on Sunday.

By Gareth McKnight