Mark Hughes voices refereeing concerns


Fulham manager Mark Hughes believes that the Premier League's bigger clubs do benefit from refereeing decisions in their favour.

A number of bosses have voiced their concerns over refereeing standards in recent weeks and Hughes feels that match officials can be influenced when making big calls.

He said:"Do big clubs get the benefit of decisions? As a player at Manchester United I would have said absolutely not. But as a manager going up against the so-called 'Big Four' clubs, I have a different view, possibly.

"There's a natural tendency, it's human nature. Sometimes the consequences of giving a decision against a big side are too much for some referees to take. It's difficult for them.

"There's no way I'm questioning the integrity, because it's split-second decisions and it's human nature sometimes that you take the easy option.

"You just want consistency in decisions and most of the season you will get that.

"But the key decisions, the key elements of the game where a decision actually affects the outcome of the result, those are the ones you want the referees to get correct and of late it seems too many of them have been given incorrect."

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