Momentum has given Norwich a winning mentality

Norwich and Swansea have been a real surprise package to the Premier League this season and have dispelled the myth that you need to spend big, or adapt your style to succeed in the top League. It hasn’t come as a surprise to Paul Lambert, who has always had great belief in his team:

“As a football manager you always strive to be the best you can and I don’t want to come up and down in one season.  We’re not safe yet, mathematically anyway, but we have given ourselves a right good chance to stay in the league. Is it a surprise? No, because I always had a great belief in the team that they could win more games than not and I think we’ve done fantastically well.”

Norwich’s success is all the more remarkable given they have achieved two successive promotions to get to the Premier League and a large percentage of that squad are still an integral part of the current first team. Lambert believes that the inner belief and desire of players makes the step up seemingly effortless:

“The hunger, desire and the ability that the lads have got, we hoped would take us far. Some of them haven’t even played Championship football let alone Premier League football, so they’ve taken it by storm which is great and collectively as a unit they’ve been excellent. I think there’s inner belief in ourselves, which is great.  I think they’ve got a big belief that they can go and win games. That momentum has stood them in good stead and given them a winning mentality.  They’ve had that for a couple of years now.  I’m pretty sure if you ask most of them, they wouldn’t want to go back to being beaten four and five in a row and not winning games consistently.  I think they’ve got that winning mentality in their game now.”

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