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New Study Shows How Fans Are Taking Ownership of Their Clubs When it Comes to Punditry

A recent study has found that amateur punditry is one the rise, with a number of fan-made supporters channels doing exceptionally well on YouTube and in podcasts in 2020. Not only are these pages attracting a high number of views, but they are also raking in incredible amounts of revenue.

After crunching the numbers regarding subscribers, viewing figures, and revenue, research conducted by American Gambler found that football fan TV channels have exploded in popularity in recent years.

At the front and centre of this online revolution that is threatening traditional forms of punditry is Arsenal Fan TV.  The channel led by Robbie Lyle is leading the way by some margin, with 980 million views to date. On top of that, the channel has enjoyed a 26 percent increase in viewings over the last year.

It is estimated that one in five football fans watched fan-made football channels in 2020, and sites like AFTV are reaping the rewards. Lyle’s channel earns more than £1.2 million per year from advertising revenue alone. The channel also has numerous partnerships and sponsorship deals, adding to its income streams.

AFTV has inspired a vast range of other fans to create their own offerings, and the market has boomed over the last year. Indeed, the average increase across all fan-made channels was 40 percent in 2020. Some of the other well-known channels include The United Stand, True Geordie, and Angry Rantman.

The rise of these unofficial means of commenting on football has got the attention of pundits, who clearly feel threatened. With some fans feeling disenchanted with traditional forms of punditry on channels like Sky Sports, fan-made options are likely to continue to rise in popularity in the years ahead.

Article title: New Study Shows How Fans Are Taking Ownership of Their Clubs When it Comes to Punditry

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