Penalty shootout still remains the ideal solution

As England crash out of an International tournament once again to the dreaded penalty shoot-outs, the age old debate as to whether this remains the best way to decide any given contest. Sepp Blatter has once again called upon an alternative to be considered for the future; however both Glenn Hoddle and Ray Wilkins have a differing view.

Hoddle feels that the penalties shouldn’t be scrapped, but extra time should in order to encourage an open game over the 90 minutes:

I can see where he’s coming from, maybe the television companies and the neutrals of the game like it but when your country is in it I’m sure the fan doesn’t like it at all. My only thought is that is it very difficult to get away from penalties. I don’t think it would work to do it on corners or possession. I’ve always thought that penalties should be done after 90 minutes. The reason why I think that is because it doesn’t fall on one or two people’s shoulders that they’ve lost the World Cup. If you take the penalties after 90 minutes, the teams will know who has won the shoot-out and then you get more of an open game.”

“An example is the Champions League, Chelsea were quite happy to play defensively for the whole game and go to penalties, the Germans were happy because they thought they would win a penalty shoot-out. As a result the game never really opened up. A team can play defensively if they want, but come ten minutes to go the team that is losing will need to go on the offensive. I think doing it after 90mins and then having extra time makes the game more interesting and takes the burden off one player.”

Ray Wilkins simply thinks a penalty shoot-out is the classic way to end a football game and it should be retained:

“No I don’t agree with him, I think it’s the only way to end a classic game; it’s what the average supporter wants to see and to enjoy the drama of a penalty shoot-out. It almost appears as if Sepp Blatter wants to go against what everyone else wants and if he just went with the status quo we in the footballing world would be happy. The only thing I might consider changing is, for example there are England and German fans behind each goal, the teams take their penalties in front of the opposing team’s fans. This is not an impossible, I think it could be done quite easily and that would really be the only thing I’d change.”

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