Petr Cech rubbishes talk

Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech has stated that his club are not in crises, and that the media exaggerated the fact that Roman Abramovich recently met with the players.

The Stamford Bridge club are underperforming, currently sit in fifth place in the Premier League and are at risk of being knocked out of the Champions League by Napoli.

Despite this, the Czech Republic international has stated that the team can still have a successful season.

“Everyone has been talking about a meeting between the team and Abramovich. The truth is elsewhere and the picture of that meeting was misrepresented,” he told, translated into English by Sky Sports.

“Chelsea has been under huge pressure from the media and if we are not doing well then the pressure mounts. The media uses that to form some nonsense theory or speculation, and we have to live with that.

“We still have a chance to finish third but our aim is to finish fourth as the worst case scenario. That’s clear.

“I still believe things will turn for the better and our season will be successful.

“Everybody has been doing their best to change the situation. But what happens in training we are not able to take into competitive games. People can hardly say we’re not putting in enough effort,” he stressed.

By Gareth McKnight