Pochettino ‘understands’ why Tottenham Hotspur fans booed Walker

Tottenham Hotspur fans made it clear over the weekend that they are not the biggest backers of Kyle Walker anymore now that he has left to join Manchester City.

During the team’s pre-season friendly with Pep Guardiola’s team in Nashville, the right-back was booed and jeered by the fans of his former club.

While it is never a nice thing to see, Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino does not seem to have a problem with it on this occasion.

After the match, he gave his backing to the supporters, who are still feeling the pain of Walker’s exit as he departed the North London outfit just two weeks ago.

According to The Guardian, City spent an initial £50m on the England international, but that fee is expected to rise to £53m, which will make Walker the most expensive defender in history.

The 27-year-old would have been expecting his first head to head with Tottenham to be a difficult one for the fans of his former club, and to make matters worse for them, the team lost 3-0 to City at the Nissan Stadium.

After the match, Pochettino did not condemn the boos that were aimed at Walker, but rather gave his backing to the disgruntled supporters.

The Daily Star quotes Pochettino as saying:

“I totally understand. Fans showed they are disappointed with the situation, but the Tottenham fans love him. He spent nine years at the club. It is not personal. It is not a big issue. It is only to show him they were disappointed.”