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Concern is growing that some England fans returning from the World Cup in Brazil may pose a long term threat to UK security because they have been “radicalised”.

David Curzon, a 51 year old father and Liverpool fan from Blackpool, contacted WOB after a youtube clip featuring his son went viral. “My Ashley would never be seen dead doing any of that stuff in Blackpool. But there he was with a black bandana round his head, a red cummerbund round his waist, a rose in his teeth dancing a snake hipped Cha Cha Cha,” a worried sounding Curzon told WOB, “It’s not the boy I raised. He was such a good kid but when I replay the clip he looks like a SHE-HE. Or even a HE-SHE.”

His concern echoes those of parents and police forces up and down the land who fear that ballroom dancing schools could be fronts for something far more sinister, like notoriously unviolent martial art capoeira, or even parcours, a French form of running and jumping.

With thousands of fans due back at their places of work next week, police chiefs are bracing themselves for ‘happy easy going people’. “What concerns us most,” said one Chief Constable, ‘is the thought of a lone wolf. A white guy who has been got to. Like in Homeland. He might have ginger hair, he might not. We don’t know at this stage. But the nightmare scenario is that someone is going to walk in to a shopping centre strapped-up and start a samba band.”


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