Portugal to ‘fight to the death’ against Spain

Portugal midfielder Custodio has stated that his side will ‘fight to the death’ against Spain in their Euro 2012 semi-final on Wednesday.

The Iberian nations clash after Paulo Bento’s men beat Czech Republic 1-0 in the last round and the world champions eliminated France 2-0.

Custodio, who is expected to start from the bench, has stated the importance of the game and is dreaming of glory.

“You asked me whether this would be the year of Portugal? I do hope so,” The Guardian quote Custodio as saying.

“I don’t have the ability to guess whether it’s going to be or not, but we’re going to fight to the death for this to be the year of Portugal.

“Spain are a great team that won the last two major competitions. They always play to win, but so do we.

“Our weapons are not a secret, our weapons are the same ones we’ve used in all of our games. Our way of playing is going to be the same. Our way of playing when we have the ball is going to be exactly the same.

“We’re going to try to play our aggressive game, what we have in the attack. We’re going to fight a lot, we’re going to fight a lot when we don’t have the ball. We’re going to try to get it back as quick as possible,” he concluded.

By Gareth McKnight