Premier League’s LIVE TV fixtures announced for 2012/13 season

Both ESPN and Sky Sports have announced their LIVE TV football games for the first third of the 2012/13 Premier League season. ESPN kick off their LIVE football coverage at St James Park as Newcastle United entertain Tottenham Hotspur, while Sky Sports commence their season’s games at the DW Stadium where Wigan host the current Champions League holders Chelsea.


Sat 18th – Newcastle v Tottenham (5.30pm) – ESPN
Sun 19th – Wigan v Chelsea (1.30pm)
Sun 19th –  Man City v Southampton (4pm)
Mon 20th – Everton v Man Utd (8pm)
Sat 25: Swansea v West Ham (12.45pm)
Sat 25th – Chelsea v Newcastle United (5.30pm) – ESPN
Sun 26: Stoke v Arsenal (1.30pm)
Sun 26: Liverpool v Man City (4pm)

Sat 1st – West Ham v Fulham (12.45pm)
Sat 1st – Man City v QPR (5.30pm) – ESPN
Sun 2nd – Liverpool v Arsenal (1.30pm)
Sun 2nd – Southampton v Man Utd (4pm)
Sat 15th – Norwich v West Ham (12.45pm)
Sat 15th – Sunderland v Liverpool (5.30pm) – ESPN
Sun 16th – Reading v Tottenham (4pm)
Mon 17th – Everton v Newcastle (8pm)
Sat 22nd – Swansea v Everton (12.45pm)
Sun 23rd – Liverpool v Man Utd (1.30pm)
Sun 23rd – Man City v Arsenal (4pm)
Sat 29th – Arsenal v Chelsea (12.45pm)
Sat 29th – Man Utd v Tottenham (5.30pm) – ESPN
Sun 30th  Aston Villa v West Brom (4pm)
Mon 1st – QPR v West Ham (8pm)
Sat 6th – Man City v Sunderland (12.45pm)
Sat 6th – West Ham v Arsenal (5.30pm) – ESPN
Sun 7th – Southampton v Fulham (1.30pm)
Sun 7th – Newcastle v Man Utd (4pm)
Sat 20th – Tottenham v Chelsea (12.45pm)
Sat 20th – Norwich City v Arsenal (5.30pm) -ESPN
Sun 21st – Sunderland v Newcastle (1.30pm)
Sun 21st – QPR v Everton (4pm)
Sat 27th – Everton v Liverpool (12.45pm)
Sat 27th – Man City v Swansea (5.30pm) – ESPN
Sun 28th – Aston Villa v Norwich (1.30pm)
Sun 28th – Chelsea v Man Utd (4pm)

Sat 3rd – Man Utd v Arsenal (12.45pm)
Sat 3rd – West Ham v Man City (5.30pm) – ESPN
Sun 4th – QPR v Reading (1.30pm)
Sun 4th – Liverpool v Newcastle (4pm)
Mon 5th – West Brom v Southampton (8pm)
Sat 10th – Aston Villa v Man Utd (5.30pm)
Sun 11th – Man City v Tottenham (1.30pm)
Sun 11th – Chelsea v Liverpool (4pm)
Sat 17th – Arsenal v Tottenham (12.45pm)
Sat 17th – Norwich v Man United (5.30pm) – ESPN
Sun 18th – Fulham v Sunderland (4pm)
Mon 19th – West Ham v Stoke (8pm)
Sat 24th – Swansea v Liverpool (12.45pm)
Sat 24th – Aston Villa v Arsenal (5.30pm) – ESPN
Sun 25th – Sunderland v West Brom (1.30pm)
Sun 25th  Chelsea v Man City (4pm)
Tue 27th – Aston Villa v Reading (8pm)
Wed 28th – Wigan v Man City (8pm)