Roberto Di Matteo defends Chelsea

Roberto Di Matteo has defended his Chelsea side from recent criticism, stating that the team are good enough to beat Benfica in the Champions League quarter-finals and finish in the top four.

Frank Lampard has recently confessed that the west London outfit’s level of performance has not been up to scratch this term, but the Italian coach disagrees.

“The numbers say that, so there is no point in denying it’s been a difficult season,” Di Matteo admitted in a press conference, published by Sky Sports.

“But we have quality in this team and many good players. I still think this Chelsea team is a very good team.

“Chelsea used to be in the top two or top three, at least. So it’s been hard for us, domestically. But we’re in the semi-finals of a domestic cup, and in the quarter-finals of the Champions League.

“I have faith in this team. They’ve shown they can play at high intensity at a high level, so I’m looking forward to my team doing that again tomorrow.

“I am positive about the team, but my players are positive too. We have great belief in our abilities. That’s what we’re going to try and express tomorrow.

“Everybody seems to have an opinion, and they have that right, but I disagree.

“I believe in my team, my squad, my players. I don’t think we’re a weak team, not at all.

“We have, still, many games to play in the Premier League to reach fourth, and two games in the quarter-finals of the Champions League.

“It looked a little gloomier two weeks ago, so we’re pleased to be here. If we had a few more points in the Premier League, we wouldn’t be talking like this.

“It’s a very fine line between success and failure.

“This team has all the ability to play a very good game tomorrow night and show the qualities these players have,” he concluded.

By Gareth McKnight